Top 10 Things To Do In Hutchinson Island Florida (2022)

Located off the coast of St Lucie, Martin and Indian River counties on mainland Florida, Hutchinson Island is known for its rich wildlife, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

In this article, we have collated the top 10 things to do in Hutchinson Island that should be at the top of your itinerary.

1. A Relaxing Day At Jensen Beach

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If you are looking to spend your vacation at Hutchinson Island relaxing by the sea on white sandy beaches, then heading to either Stuart Beach or Jensen Beach will be perfect for you.

Both of these beaches are two of the largest on Hutchinson Island, which guarantees that you have plenty of space when you go to relax at the beach.

Stuart Beach and Jensen Beach both have similar facilities with onsite toilets, showers, picnic areas as well as sporting activities such as volleyball and areas for children to play in.

An added extra at Jensen Beach is that sea turtles nest there between March and November, so you might be able to see a baby turtle.

2. Get Your Adrenaline Fix At Next Level Watersports

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Common across most island locations, watersports are some of the most popular and fun-filled activities that are available at Hutchinson Island.

If you are looking for your adrenaline fix during your holiday, then why not head down to Next Level Watersports, which offers different activities for people of both different experience levels and ages.

Next Level Watersports offer a variety of different activities, from Wakeboarding and Tubing to Kiteboarding and Hydrofoiling, with instructors helping to guide either novices or people that have experienced these activities previously.

3. Snorkeling At Bathtub Beach

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Perhaps the most unique experience that you can have whilst you are visiting Hutchinson Island is to go snorkeling or diving in its beautiful turquoise shores.

Our top pick location for you to travel to is Bathtub Beach. Located in the south of the island, Bathtub Beach has incredibly clear and warm waters that host the perfect conditions for either snorkeling or diving.

The biggest selling point of this popular spot is that it has a near-shore reef that hosts an especially diverse variety of fish and sea creatures due to the reef’s habitat.

With snorkeling and diving gear rentals and shops dotted all over the island, be fully prepared for the wonders you are about to find.

4. Visit Gilbert’s Bar House Of Refuge

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If you are looking to learn more about the areas’ history when you travel to Hutchinson Island, then look no further than Gilbert’s Bar House of Refuge.

Dating back to 1876, this House of Refuge is actually the last remaining of its kind, as shipwreck life-saving stations were previously posted all along the east coast of Florida.

Now the building is a historical museum that hosts the various life-saving equipment that was used during the House of Refuge’s heyday.

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You will also find World War 2 artifacts and objects included in the museum. This is because the House of Refuge played a key role in looking out for German U-boats during the war because of its ocean-side location.

The museum is open Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm, and on Sundays it is open from 1 pm to 4 pm.

5. Tee Off At The Island Dunes Country Club

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For individuals who prefer to participate in on-land sporting activities, the Island Dunes Country Club has an excellent 9-hole golf course.

Although golf is not the only sport on offer at the Island Dunes Country Club, you can also play tennis on one of the many tennis courts available at the Country Club.

If you are trying golf for the first time, there is a professional golfing equipment store on-site, as well as a fine dining experience for those who have finished teeing off.

6. Attend The Treasure Coast Seafood And Music Festival

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One of the largest, and most popular, festivals to take place on Hutchinson Island is its Treasure Coast Seafood And Music Festival, which takes place at the beginning of November.

With a low-cost admissions fee, you can sample some of the vast variety of locally sourced seafood, as well as peruse the festival stall-holders who will be selling a mixture of crafts, art and nautical-themed souvenirs.

With games and activities available for all the family, the festival also hosts a variety of bands (from all different genres of music) that play live music all day long.

If you are not traveling to Hutchinson Island during November, then worry not. The island also hosts MusicFest, which occurs on the third Friday of every month, at Bandstand Park where various local musicians play from the afternoon until 11:00 pm.

Various food stalls also attend the event offering food and drink (including beer and wine), and event organizers also include fun activities for children to partake in throughout the night.

7. Sample The Seafood At One Of Hutchinson Island’s Restaurants

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Hutchinson Island prides themselves on their fresh and locally sourced seafood options, which has resulted in the island’s seafood restaurants being the most popular places to eat.

And, as if by design, the best seafood restaurants (and the ones we wholly recommend) are all located relatively close together on South Ocean Drive.

The Magic Oyster, Sauder’s Landing and Kyle G’s Prime Seafood all serve a variety of fish, shellfish and non-fish dishes that feature locally sourced ingredients.

8. Set Sail On A Boat Trip

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For those wanting to take to the sea in a different way, then perhaps you may enjoy climbing aboard one of Hutchinson Island’s various boat trips and exploring the waters surrounding the island.

There are a variety of boating trips that are available, from witnessing Florida’s alligators in their natural habitat to exploring the Atlantic coast’s diverse habitat and ecosystem.

Or, perhaps you simply wish to spend some time at sea relaxing, then climbing aboard the Schooner Lily will be perfect for you, especially if you are traveling with your partner (The Sunset Sail in particular is very romantic).

9. Surfing At Jensen Beach Park

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While a variety of watersport activities have been available at Hutchinson Island, surfing is one that only in recent years has started to become increasingly popular.

As mentioned above, Hutchinson Island has well-placed reef beds for snorkeling, but these same reef beds also create the perfect conditions for surfing with waves able to reach a height of 10 to 20 feet.

You will find along the coast of Hutchinson Island that there are both a variety of shops now selling surfing equipment as well as instructors willing to teach and help visitors with varying levels of ability and experience.

10. Take An Eco-Tour Around The Indian River Lagoon

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Rent a paddleboard or kayak from one of the many vendors located across Hutchinson Island and explore the wondrous Indian River Lagoon.

A dream location for nature and science lovers, Indian River Lagoon is home to over 2,100 species of plants and over 2,200 different species of animals, 50 of these animal species are currently threatened with extinction.

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You can also take a boat tour of the area where you can witness dolphins, manatees and turtles in the wild.

Accommodation In Hutchinson Island

Now that you know there is a large variety of fun-filled and exciting activities that you can experience on Hutchinson Island, we have included below three different hotels that are available on the island that will cater to various budgets.

1. Hutchinson Shores Resort And Spa

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Our most expensive pick is the Hutchinson Shores Resort And Spa, which has an oceanfront view of the Atlantic coastline and many luxurious amenities.

This hotel has a 4.5 excellent rating on TripAdvisor, and includes two onsite restaurants (each with an ocean view), a spa, two pools and a jacuzzi.

Set just a short walk from the sea, Hutchinson Shores Resort And Spa was actually the first resort to be built on Hutchinson Island.

2. Vistana Beach Club

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The mid-budget option we have selected is the Vistana Beach Club, which has a 4.0 very good rating on TripAdvisor.

Similar to the Hutchinson Shores Resort and Spa in that this accommodation also has beautiful sea-views, Vistana Beach Club is a complex of ocean-side villas.

Your villa will come with a fully equipped kitchen, a large living area as well as a private bathroom and free wi-fi.

You will also have access to the on-site bowling alley, children’s play area and pool.

3. Turtle Reef Club

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For those visitors that are simply looking for a place to sleep at night as they will be spending all of their time exploring the wonders that Hutchinson Island has to offer, you may wish to opt for the Turtle Reef Club hotel.

With its slightly dated furnishings, the Turtle Reef Club has a 4.0 very good rating on TripAdvisor, and it has an excellent central location to all of the island’s most popular activities.

The hotel also features a large pool, is a short walk to the beach and has an on-site gym and tennis court.

Ways To Get To Hutchinson Island

Finally, you may be wondering about what transportation links Hutchinson Island may have to the mainland.

Below, we have included two of the primary transportation methods that will help you travel to this dream holiday destination.

Nearest Airport

While the nearest airport to Hutchinson Island is on Vero Beach, which is just under an hour’s drive away from the island, it is not the recommended airport for most tourists to use.

If you are thinking about traveling to Hutchinson Island, and your primary mode of transport will be an airplane, then you should fly to Miami International Airport instead.

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The major difference between these two airport options is that Vero Beach does not have an easy transportation route to the island itself, whereas Miami airport operates a bus route from Miami to Fort Pierce twice a day.

By Car

If you have decided to travel to Hutchinson Island by car, either by hire car from the airport or if you are driving from home, then there are two main road connections linking the island with the mainland.

The first of these roads is the A1A, which runs through the entirety of the island, with links to the mainland on either end. You can access the A1A from either the city of Stuart or the city of Fort Pierce.

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Alternatively, you can travel to Hutchinson Island from Jensen Beach, if you rather not use the A1A. The town of Jensen Beach has its own access to the island via the Northeast Causeway Boulevard.


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That concludes our list of the top 10 things to do in Hutchinson Island, as well as the major ways that you can access the island and a variety of accommodation options that are available for you.

Whether you are spending your days on the beach, relaxing or partaking in watersports, or if you are exploring the island’s main golf course and learning about its maritime history, we hope you have the best holiday whilst you are visiting Hutchinson Island.

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