Pakistan vs New Zealand, 2nd Test, Highlights: Pakistan's Last Pair Hangs On To Earn Draw vs New Zealand | Cricket News (2023)

Pakistan vs New Zealand, 2nd Test, Highlights: Pakistan's Last Pair Hangs On To Earn Draw vs New Zealand | Cricket News (1)

2nd Test: Sarfaraz Ahmed stars with ton as Pakistan hold New Zealand.© AFP

Pakistan vs New Zealand 2nd Test Day 5 Highlights:Sarafaraz Ahmed starred with a gutsy century as Pakistan held their nerves to draw the second Test against New Zealand at the National Stadium in Karachi. Chasing a target of 139, Pakistan had resumed their innings at 0/2 on the final day as Abdullah Shafique and nightwatchman Mir Hamza were dismissed after New Zealand's brave declaration. The hosts lost three wickets in the first session before Sarfaraz Ahmed and Saud Shakeel put on a strong partnership. Pakistan seemed to edge closer to the win after Sarfaraz scored his fourth Test ton. However, the hosts lost four wicket in the final session, including Sarfaraz (118), putting New Zealand back in the driver's seat. But, there was more drama in store as Pakistan's last pair, Naseem Shah and Abrar Ahmed, took the game to the Kiwis bowlers, before both teams hugged it out to settle for a draw. The two-match series ends 0-0 after the first Test had also ended in a stalemate. (SCORECARD)

Here are the Highlights of Day 5of the 2nd Test between Pakistan and New Zealand from the National Stadium, Karachi

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    The two captains share the trophy as the series ends 0-0 and that brings us to an end of a thrilling Test match. Both teams would have loved for the result to go their way but in the end, it has to be said that it was a fair result as neither team deserved to lose. We shift our focus now to the three-match ODI series between these two team with all games set to be played at the same ground as this game. The first game will be played on Monday 9th January and it will begin at 3 pm IST (9.30 am GMT) but do join us earlier for the build-up. Until then, it is goodbye and cheers!

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    (Video) Pakistan vs New Zealand 2nd Test Day 5 Live Scores | PAK vs NZ 2nd Test Live Scores & Commentary

    Tim Southee, the skipper of New Zealandsays that the game had come down the last moment which is always exciting. Mentions that always come into a Test match to win and they were in a good position throughout the game to claim victory. Credits Sarfaraz and says that he played really well especially in the middle session but they still had a chance in end. Expresses that Ish Sodhi who made a comeback after so long, did really well and credits bracewell and all the other players for giving it their all for the side. Reckons that the nature of the wicket changed quite late in the game but it was sarfaraz who proved to be the difference between winning the game and the draw. Ends by saying that it has been a tough tour and it is time to shift their focus to ODI cricket.

  3. !

    Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan is in for a chat. He says that their plan after the Tea break was to go for the chase. Their main aim was to keep things simple till the final session. Mentions that some tweaks were made to the plan once Agha Salmandeparted. Adds that they will look at the positives here and look to sharpen it to perfection. Ends by praising Sarfaraz Ahmedfor his incredible innings. Informs that he waited patiently for his time and has proven his worth this time.

  4. !

    Sarfaraz Ahmedis the Player of the Match and the Player of the Series for his outstanding effort with the bat. He thanks god for his comeback and mentions that he has been around the team waiting for his opportunity to come. Claims that there was a lot of turn early on and he got the confidence for his teammates to be able to play a good inning. Explains that with 140 runs remaining they aimed to go for the balls which were there to be hit. Admits that this 100 was in the fourth inning and it is always difficult which makes it one his best centuries. Ends by saying that the home crowd has always been with him and he hopes that the crowd comes to support them for the ODI series.

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    Stay tuned for the presentation...

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    The Kiwis were off to a horror start when they came back on the field to put a target on the board as they lost Devon Conwayfor a golden duck. In this innings, the Kiwis had two century run stands, first for the second wicket, between Kane Williamsonand Tom Latham. Followed by a 127-run stand between Michael Bracewelland Tom Blundell. The former was forced to come out before Daryl Mitchell, who stayed in the dressing room because he was ill. Eventually, they decided to declare after setting a target of 319 runs and got themselves just three over to bowl before the Stumps on Day 4. This decision proved to be fruitful for the visitors as Tim Southeeand Ish Sodhitook a wicket each inside the three overs wherein Pakistaneven failed to get off the mark. Eventually, it ended as a draw but both the teams fought till the very end.

  7. !

    When Pakistan came out to bat, Abdullah Shafiquegot them off to a bright start in his short stint, although they were teetering at 99/3 with Imam-ul-Haqstill left at the crease with Saud Shakeel. The two built a stand of 83 runs to stable the ship. But they could not continue for long. Later, Saud Shakeeland Sarfaraz Ahmedtook their time to take on the bowlers. Both the players got to their fifties but Ahmed could not convert it into three-figures. Although, the tail-enders were unable to spend long time at the crease which was very unlike the New Zealand lower order. In the end, Pakistanhanded the Kiwis a lead of 41 runs as they got all out for 408 runs.

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    Earlier in the Test match, after electing to bat first. New Zealandbatters justified their skippers decision by getting off to a flyer. Tom Lathamand Devon Conwaystitched a stand of 134 runs for he opening wicket. Then, Conway builds a solid stand with Kane Williamsonto stable the ship, but once this stand was broken the Kiwis started losing wickets at regular intervals. Tom Blundellplayed a crucial anchor role and his knock of 51 helped to keep Pakistanat bay. The hosts wouldve thought it after the wicket of Tom Blundellit could be a walk in the park for them. But it did not go as per plan as Matt Henryand Ajaz Patelstitched a 104-run stand for the final wicket to take the score to 449 runs. Once again, it was the spinners who benefitted on this flat-deck. Abrar Ahmedand Agha Salmancombined for seven wickets in total.

  9. !

    (Video) Pakistan vs New Zealand 2nd Test Match Day 5 Highlights, Pakistan vs New Zealand Test Series 🇵🇰🏏🇳🇿

    After remaining wicketless in the post-Lunch session, Pakistanseemed to be on the driving seat to chase the target down as Sarfaraz Ahmedand Saud Shakeelcame back out all guns-blazing. The Kiwis bowlers initially struggled to cause any damage as both the batters seemed to be in solid form. Sarfaraz Ahmedmarked his comeback into the side with a Test century here. Although, Michael Bracewellcame into the attack and got some hope back into Kiwis dressing room by getting rid of Saud Shakeel. Later, Agha Salmanand Sarfaraz Ahmedscored briskly which allowed them to believe that they still have a chance of winning the encounter as they smacked 70 runs off 83 balls for the seventh-wicket stand. But once Agha Salmanfell, it gave an opening to the Kiwis which they pounced on with both hands. They even got rid of Sarfaraz Ahmedat the end of stumps but could not take the final wicket in time. Michael Bracewellstood out with the ball for the Kiwis with his four-fer.

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    Phew! This match went down to the wire. Both the teams had a fair amount of chance to clinch a win here and seal the series, but in the end the second match is drawn and the series also concludes in a similar fashion. With the way New Zealandstarted the match this morning it looked like Pakistanwill bundle out much quicker but once again Sarfaraz Ahmedand Saud Shakeelshowed us that they love batting together and faced 260 balls combined to keep them in the game here. Pakistan started the final day with 0/2 but managed to put up a solid fight inspite of losing Imam-ul-Haqand Babar Azamin the morning session itself.

  11. !

    Oh no! There were still more three overs left but the two umpires converge and they decided that it will be STUMPS ON DAY 5. And, this Test match ends in a draw here, it could have been different if the lightwouldn't have played spoil sport.

  12. 89.6

    Ish Sodhi to Abrar Ahmed

    Flights this one full and on an off stump line. Abrar Ahmedmanages to keep this out and survives.We have a drawn game as it will be STUMPS ON DAY 5!

  13. 89.5

    Ish Sodhi to Abrar Ahmed

    Flights this one full and outside the off stump, Abrar Ahmedgets across the line to defend but misses and gets hit on the back leg. There is an appeal and the umpire says not out. Tim Southeereviews and looks like he will be wasting time here. UltraEdge shows no bat involved and Ball Tracking confirms the impact is outside the off stump.

  14. 89.4


    (Video) 2022 Pakistan vs England: 1st Test 1st Day - Test Match Special Commentary

    Ish Sodhi to Abrar Ahmed

    Loopy delivery outside off. Abrar Ahmedknocks this back towards the bowler who misfields and allows the batter to take two runs. Pakistanrequire 15 runs now.

  15. 89.3

    Ish Sodhi to Abrar Ahmed

    Full and just outside off.Abrar Ahmedkeeps this out confidently.

  16. 89.2

    Ish Sodhi to Abrar Ahmed

    Attacks the stumps on a fuller length. Abrar Ahmeddefends this and the ball goes off the inside edge towards short leg.

  17. 89.1

    Ish Sodhi to Abrar Ahmed

    Loopy delivery outside off. Abrar Ahmedclips this towards mid-wicket.

  18. 88.6

    Michael Bracewell to Naseem Shah

    Loopy delivery outside off. Naseem Shahdefends this solidly.

    (Video) 1992-03-21 - NZL vs PAK at Auckland 1st SEMI FINAL
  19. 88.5


    Michael Bracewell to Naseem Shah

    FOUR! Michael Bracewellfloats this one wide outside off on a fuller length. Naseem Shahswings and slices this into the vacant backward point region for four runs. Just 17 runs needed.

  20. 88.4

    Michael Bracewell to Naseem Shah

    Flighted full and outside the off stump. Naseem Shahdefends this towards silly mid off.

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