Composite Saturn in the Houses (2022)

Composite Saturn...

Where you find Saturn in your
composite chart iswhere your relationship feels restrictive, heavy or bound by rules and responsibilities.

Saturn's ultra realistic attitude and approach to life puts a heavy weight into the house it occupies in a composite chart. This house represents the part of your relationship that feels restrictive and burdensome. There is likely to be repression or awkwardness of expression in this house, which can cause a feeling of frustration. Saturn always has lessons to teach, and it takes time to work through them. Saturn knows there are no short cuts in life. Shorts cuts only lead to future suffering. Reality must be met head on when Saturn is present. This can be difficult in a relationship, but if you are determined and persistent, it will reward you with strength and stability.

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Composite Saturn in the 1st House...

Your self-image as a couple is tested when your composite Saturn is found in your first house. You may both feel uneasy about how you appear to others as a couple, or you may each feel uneasy about your individual self-expression when you are together. Consequently, people may see you as a serious couple or simply an unexpressive couple. It isn't that you want to appear this way. Rather, it comes from an awkwardness about your self-expression as a couple or as individuals when you are together. However, Saturn's clear and realistic influence in the composite first house has its benefits. Neither of you are likely to offend the other with an inflated self-image. You each see the other clearly and you have no misconceptions about how you appear to the world as a couple. Over time, the realistic view you each have of yourselves when you are together works to strengthen your relationship.

Composite Saturn in the 2nd House...

At best, a realistic, practical approach to financial matters is found when Saturn is in the second house of a composite chart. As a couple, you are focused on long-term financial planning and don't waste money on fleeting desires. You value saving over spending and have a practical attitude about spending money on the pleasures the world has for sale. At worst, you incessantly worry about your finances and your financial future always seems bleak. You may blame each other for financial difficulties and accuse each other of wastefulness or laziness in matters of maintaining material security. This can make your whole relationship feel burdensome and restrictive. It can cause you each to yearn to enjoy the physical pleasure money can buy, but you are either too worried about spending or simply don't have the resources to make the purchases. However, in either case, you are serious about your finances and assuring yourselves a comfortable life in this material world. With this placement. It's important to remember that Saturn can be extreme. Constantly worrying about money, makes money a focus and takes away from the emotional enjoyment and earthy pleasures of your relationship. Don't let Saturn drag you down this way. If you can keep Saturn in check, you can use its conservative energy to keep yourselves practical enough not to spend foolishly, while remembering that life is also meant to be enjoyed.

Composite Saturn in the 3rd House...

As the third house relates to navigating your immediate environment, it is an active house. Communication, learning, information, trips around town, visits with neighbors and relatives, gossip and news all fall in this house. A buzz of activity is normally found here until Saturn comes along. Saturn in the third house of a composite chart brings a heaviness to this otherwise light house. Communication slows down due to the serious tone Saturn casts over the house. As a couple with this placement, you are be careful about what you say to each other. Conversation isn't just a whimsical pastime. So at best, you are both careful to word things correctly to make sure information is delivered

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without confusion or misinterpretation. A worst, you feel completely restricted in your communication, and it's difficult to discuss important issues. You don't want to raise the issues, and if they come up, you can't manage to form the words needed to discuss them. With awareness, you can manage the problem and bring yourselves to the point where there is only an awkwardness in your communication that makes you hesitant about sharing. Associations with friends and neighbors take on a formal tone with this placement because of the serious nature of Saturn. Because Saturn is always focused on the long-term, you are careful not to say things that will lead to future suffering.

Composite Saturn in the 4th House...

It is important to have a true understanding of Saturn's influence when your composite Saturn is in the fourth house because it often puts a feeling of restriction and burden on home and family life that is strong enough to drive people apart. However, if you understand the influence, you can work with it, rather than letting it be the dark cloud that drags you apart. Saturn can be imagined as an old father-figure whose focus is on avoiding danger, following rules, and working hard to provide for a secure future. When applied to the fourth house, this focus can make your home family life feel like a hard-labor prison sentence rather than a cozy haven with the people you love. It can make your home life feel overly serious. The aura of your home may be overly formal or simply lacking in authentic emotion or warmth. Family members may seem like burdens that restrict your freedom rather than a heart-warming, emotional support system. By understanding the propensity for these manifestations of Saturn in the fourth house, you can consciously work to avoid falling into their negative traps. A conscious decision can be made to use Saturn's energy to provide a healthy amount of structure and security to your home life without allowing the overly negative and dark side of Saturn to rule this house. This can actually lead to a family life that provides a strong, father-like support with a sense of security that lasts forever.

Composite Saturn in the 5th House...

In the fifth house of creativity, and self-expression through mediums, such as, romantic relationships, child rearing, and art, Saturn's realism and overwhelming sense of practicality can put quite a damper on things. The feeling of restriction, self-doubt, and awkwardness that Saturn brings are detrimental to the creativity and spontaneity of this house. In the fifth house, we discover ourselves by expressing ourselves through a creative medium or by seeing ourselves through a lover's eyes. Saturn's serious tone doesn't allow us to shine in the free-flowing manner the fifth house normally provides. Saturn wants to be sure of itself and fears making mistakes. This takes the spontaneity out of this house. Saturn always thinks long-term and over-thinks decisions. This takes the joy out of blindly diving into a mysterious new love affair, and it's difficult to keep the flames of passion burning brightly as time passes. So, in a composite chart, Saturn in the fifth house can make the normally giddy and titillating affairs of this house seem childish and impractical. Furthermore, it can make the idea of child-rearing feel burdensome and restrictive. Don't allow Saturn to darken the joys of this house. With this placement, you should keep this in mind, and remember not to take things too seriously here. Only allow Saturn to do its job of keeping things in a practical perspective. This will keep the fun from getting out of hand, but it will still allow enough looseness of spirit to enjoy your romance.

Composite Saturn in the 6th House...

While it's true that we need to take care of daily tasks in order to keep our lives running smoothly, and it's true that we should do things correctly, Saturn in the sixth house of a composite chart can have you obsessing over it. Saturn is the planet of hard work, responsibility and time management. In the sixth house of daily work routines, lifestyle and doing things correctly, Saturn puts an overly serious tone on an already serious house. Therefore, as a couple, it is nearly impossible for you not to take these issues seriously. Your work will get done. It will be done correctly and in a timely manner. This is great as long as it doesn't overwhelm the fun and frivolous side of your relationship.Saturn here can make you critical of each other's abilities to do things correctly and efficiently.Keepingfun balanced with work is the challenge of this placement. Don't allow a sixth-house composite Saturn to have you bickering over work.

Composite Saturn in the 7th House...

Saturn's serious, responsible nature casts a heavy feeling on the seventh house in a composite chart. Generally, taking the relationship itself seriously and as a responsibility is the ultimate result of this placement. This can be good and bad. It's good in that you are both likely to support each other and put your relationship before any individual interests. However, it can also be bad if the serious feeling makes the relationship feel like a burden. With this placement, there is a propensity for resentment. If either one of you begin to see the other person or the relationship itself as a responsibility, all of the fun suddenly comes out of the relationship. If either one of you feels that you are in the relationship in order to support the other person rather than for love, resentment can build. A composite seventh-house Saturn is often indicative of a scenario where one person is taking care of the other. Often, one person is older than the other and the older person cares for the younger person. There is a feeling of obligation with this arrangement. If the relationship lasts, the tables turn and the younger person cares for the older person. In any of these situations, the element of responsibility is the overwhelming factor.

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Composite Saturn in the 8th House...

A feeling that each person in the relationship is responsible for the other's emotional fulfillment is a predominant factor when Saturn is in the eighth house of a composite chart. With this placement, there is a deep, almost unconscious belief that each of you need the other to feel complete. The eighth house represents the death of your individual ego, which you sacrifice in order to merge with another person and become one with them. You do this on every level.In this house of intimate relationships, you expect to merge as a couple emotionally, sexually and financially.You share your bodies in sex and bring them together as though they are one. Your finances merge and you own property jointly. You also merge emotionally and rely on each other for full emotional support. This is a quite a large undertaking and with the serious planet of Saturn here, it can feel like a huge responsibility. It can be too much for some people and the heaviness of the relationship can make it feel like a restrictive burden. However, if you don't allow Saturn to overwhelm you, you can enjoy the reliable and solid feeling Saturn brings. It makes you both dependable and willing to sacrifice a great deal for each other.

Composite Saturn in the 9th House...

A tendency for each of you to take your beliefs too seriously is a common manifestation of a composite Saturn in the ninth house. This often causes couples with this placement to be critical and judgmental of each other's beliefs. When you are together, you each feel the need to express your opinions and you find yourselves taking each other really seriously. The same beliefs that you can ordinarily take or leave, feel more important when you are discussing them with each other. Saturn has a way of making things feel heavy and more real than they actually are. In the ninth house, this can make you both focus on what's right and wrong in each other's lives and play judge and jury with each other. Saturn is symbolic of a father-figure. It tends to make things more conservative in a house it occupies. So, with your composite Saturn in your ninth house, you may think more conservatively together than when you are apart. Somehow, you both feel this line of thinking serves you best as a couple. This can be good if it keeps you out of trouble and it drives you toward morals that keep you together. However, it can also make the relationship feel suffocating. If the rules you development for your relationship are overly cautious or restrictive, you both may find the relationship boring or rigid.

Composite Saturn in the 10th House...

In its own house, Saturn's effect is amplified, and reinforced. The tenth house is about achievement and status, usually in a career, and Saturn represents the father-figure that takes things seriously, is cautious, concerned about the future and craves security. So, together in a composite chart, Saturn's message is clear.You take your ability to earn an income and provide for yourselves as a couple seriously, and hard work is something you both consider necessary. Indeed, this placement is a powerful force for achievement as a couple.Your reputation and status as a couple is also a serious matter and you are likely to be seen as a hard-working, practical couple. You want respect from your community and you are careful to behave in a mature manner in public. Appearances are important to you. You want to drive the cars and live in the neighborhoods that make you appear successful. A composite tenth-house Saturn can take you far, but it can also make your relationship structured and heavy. Always putting work first can be a drag and keeping up your public image can be stressful. There is a risk of seeing each other as people who have joined together to accomplish a mission for success rather than for love and romance.

Composite Saturn in the 11th House...

As a couple, you have a serious manner regarding anything societal or institutional. If you are involved with structured social groups or organizations, you are likely to see them as very formal and task oriented. Saturn has no room for frivolity, so as many people see these groups as avenues for enjoying light, social interaction, you focus on their purpose and function. You are careful to follow proper rules of etiquette with acquaintances and you treat matters relating to friend networks equally seriously. This may keep you away from large, structured social gatherings because you take them so seriously that they often feel stressful for you both. Proper protocol is considered important in your dealings with structured organizations, and you are careful to follow their rules. If you don't operate this way as a couple, you are likely consider each other overly serious in these matters as individuals. In general, Saturn brings a rigid, formal tone to the eleventh house of a composite chart. Therefore, because the eleventh house is also about societal ideals, you may have a conservative outlook regarding these issues. Keep this in mind because Saturn in the eleventh house can be condescending and can behave in an intellectually superior manner. If this energy isn't directed outwardly toward others, you are likely to direct it toward each other. You can end up in moral arguments, in which you each feel superior to the other. Remember to keep things light and focus on your relationship rather than abstract societal issues.

Composite Saturn in the 12th House...

Tucked away in the twelfth house, Saturn can seem non-existent here at first. Then, once some time passes, it festers. Twelfth-house planets are repressed. Their expression is muted and subverted. They are felt unconsciously as vague feelings. So, the composite twelfth-house Saturn clouds your relationship with a heavy, serious feeling that wears on you. Over time, you wonder why there is a negative vibe that you can't explain. It doesn't seem to have real source, and you can't find a way to bring it out into the open and discuss it. It's undefinable, so you can't work on eliminating it. There may be an unspoken feeling a blame between you, but there is no real reason for it. There may be a feeling that you hold each other back from experiencing life freely, yet there is no actual evidence of this in the behavior of either of you. A general feeling that the relationship is closing in on you is often experienced and it makes the relationship feel restrictive. Another manifestation of the composite twelfth-house Saturn is an inability to bring serious, negative issues out into the open for discussion. Anything that feels negative is not discussed or even acknowledged. This is actually helpful in the beginning of a relationship because you both keep things positive and ignore the negative. However, over time, negative feelings build in the unconscious and put a dark cloud over the whole relationship. Finding a way to work through negative feelings and issues is necessary with this placement. It takes work, but it's worth it in the long run.

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