Buckle Up: It's ECLIPSE SEASON ⚡⚡ (2023)

Buckle Up: It's ECLIPSE SEASON ⚡⚡ (1)

Take one Scorpio season
Add a couple of eclipses
Mix well with Uranus opposition
Sprinkle with Mars Retrograde

Serve ice cold and/or blistering hot
(but nothing in between )

Scorpio Season Incoming.

Buckle Up: It's ECLIPSE SEASON ⚡⚡ (2)

Dearest ones

If you think summer was a chaotic barbecue of unpredictabilityand confusion, believe me you haven't seen anything yet.

I'm not going to lie, it's going to be a hell of an autumn. If you're also here in the UK, you may already be noticing this energy showing up in theabject chaos and death spiral vibe of the economic and political landscape... (#therearenocoincidences)

As a proud solar Scorpio, I'm often heard proclaiming that nobody does scorched earth, revolution, evolution and metamorphosisbetter. And I most certainly stand by that. This Scorpio season virtually sweats a torturous, disoriented pain-pleasure vibe that belongs in Twin Peaks rather than your friendlylocal horoscope. It's going to be a broken old washing machine of a season, with all sorts of astrological fireworks and a few truly excruciating moments of being stripped bare in a spotlight. But my god if you can take it, the intensity and potential is just... well, delicious.

The really good news is that after an early autumn that's had the handbrake stuck (at one point we had 6 planets in simultaneous retrograde) this Scorpio season will be all about quantum. The other day I described the incoming astrologyas a zodiac moment that's had four cans of Red Bull and a pack of pro-plus before hitting the dancefloor on the closing night in Ibiza. Sohopefully that illustrates the vibe...

Scroll down if you'd like to understand more detail about the specific astrology around this season, but even if you're happy to keep it at surface level, just know that whatever has been stubbornly stuck, heavy and unhelpful is about to get thrown under a bus and out of your way. So it's a really exciting time to get pedal to the metal and moving forwards with some big personal transformation. To be honest, it will be hard to do much else!

I'll be changing the way I send newsletters to you next time round - you don't need to do anything, but you'll have some new options to either continue receiving the free newsletter or to join a new community online which will be rich in connection and conversation and contain much more content across the wider landscape of what I do - more tutorials, practical tools, guided meditations, accessible bitesize sound journeys and much more. So stay tuned for Substack!

I'll also be bringing back online sound journeys, and I can't think of a better time to start than eclipse season, so scroll down to join usfor an ONLINE new moon in Scorpio x Eclipse event on 25th October.

After a very tricky personal time that requires some major restabilising of health, finances and energy, I'm going to be taking some deep breaths away from Cornwall and nestling in the safety ofhome. Which means I am AT LONG LASTgetting some dates locked in for sound events in London, Brighton and I think St Leonard's (Sussex). It feels like it's been a long wait to bring the gongshome, and I'm excited to see your faces there in November (as well as in my more local southwestfave, Bristol).

I hope if you've been waiting to join a sound event with me that this will be the month we meet, and if you've been before, from my heart to yours THANK YOU. This has been a tough year and I appreciate each and every one of you, especially if you've been subject to events being moved around.

Sending you lots of Scorpio power

All love

Janie x

Buckle Up: It's ECLIPSE SEASON ⚡⚡ (3)


* prepare for eclipse season: check your Scorpio house for insight

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* get ahead with the Ephemeris; my calendar of cosmological happenings, lunar dates, transits and retrogrades

* see the diary of open events ready for you to book now, including dates in London and Bristol

* snap up limited remaining 2022 dates for 1:1s in my gorgeous forest studio on Bodmin Moor - final dates up to Christmas are now available.

* grab 15% off seasonal cosmic candles, mists and more at my shop

* a guide to your rituals for this Scorpio season

Buckle Up: It's ECLIPSE SEASON ⚡⚡ (4)

Which house contains Scorpio for you?
Refer to your rising sign to discover...

The upcoming new moon eclipse will happen at 11.48 BST at 1° Scorpio. The house that contains Scorpio in your natal chart is the area of life where this energy will be most activated for you personally.

If you know a little more about your chart, you can dive deeper by taking a look at any planets or points that you have between 28° Libra and 4° Scorpio, as these will beconjunct theeclipse and therefore amplified by it. For example - if you happen to have your natal Venus at 2° Scorpio in your 4th house of home, you can expect this eclipse to magnify your emotional response to relationships, and to put a major accelerating spotlight on your love life in the context of home, structure and physical space. For example - just dating? Maybe you might be asked to move in.

Go deeper still and check if you have any planets or points at the same degree spread (3 degrees either side of 1°)of the other fixed signs (Taurus, Leo and Aquarius) - these will be opposing or squaring the eclipse, definitely more challenging energy to be aware of.

Remember - astrology is theart and a science of translating patterns and cycles. It's a tool for awareness, not stirring up fear and panic! See it as your personal weather report and an opportunity to be prepared!

* * *

ScorpioRising - 1st House / self, identity, personality
Sagittarius Rising - 2nd House / resources, money, stuff
Capricorn Rising - 3rd House / communication, data, words
Aquarius Rising - 4th House / family, home, roots
Pisces Rising - 5th House / creativity, self expression, play, kids
AriesRising - 6th House / work, routine, health
Taurus Rising - 7th House / partnership, marriage, 1:1 experience
Gemini Rising - 8th House /sex, death, occult
Cancer Rising - 9th House / travel, adventure, education
Leo Rising - 10th House / career, legacy, public image
Virgo Rising - 11th House / groups, friends, community
Libra Rising - 12th House / spirituality, intuition, soulwork

[ don't know your rising sign? visit astro.com to run your free chart ]

Buckle Up: It's ECLIPSE SEASON ⚡⚡ (5)

The Ephemeris:

October/November 2022


23rd- Sun > Scorpio **
23rd - Venus > Scorpio**
23rd - Saturn Direct**
25th - New Moon Eclipse Scorpio **
28th - Jupiter Retro> Pisces **
29th- Mercury > Scorpio**
30th - Mars Retrograde in Scorpio
31st - Samhain

Buckle Up: It's ECLIPSE SEASON ⚡⚡ (6)
(Video) SAVE PRIME SONIC!! - Sonic Speed Simulator (ROBLOX) 🔵💨

2nd - Dia de las Muertos
8th - Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus**
8th - Mercury conjunct Sun (cazimi)
9th - Sun opposite Uranus
11th - 11:11 Portal
17th - Mercury > Sagittarius
19th - Mars square Neptune
22nd - Sun > Sagittarius**
23rd - New Moon Sagittarius**

Buckle Up: It's ECLIPSE SEASON ⚡⚡ (7)

The Sweetest Goodbye

I've been moving through some intense times of late, and dealing with a lot of stress, loss and grief. Amidst what was already an incredibly challenging time, my beautiful cat Coco, who many of you know from his gentle presence in my shop, from my instagram feed, and of course from his endless interruptions in my livestreams and online events - left for the rainbow bridge a month ago, and to say that he has left a void in my life is beyond understatement. We've been together since I was 26 years old (I'll be 42 in a couple of weeks) - and casting my mindthroughlife lived and experiences journeyed in that time it's impossible to imagine my worldwithout his gentle energy and unconditional love, his healing purr and his pure soul. Anyone who has a four-leggedbest friend - especiallyone they have shared such a huge chunk of their life with, will know what it means to experience this loss, particularly as a child-free woman navigating mid-life's messy transits. He - and his beloved sister Tizz who left us in 2020 -have been my constants, hanging out in the soundspace with me, present in my daily rituals, more a part of my life than anything or anyone else. If you have lost a pet too, then please receive all my love. Many people just don't recognise how devastating this journey can be.

Coco passed over on the brink of Equinox and the new moon in Libra, a parting message of divine timing. I had three back to back events scheduled for the the days that followed, and after having to cancel more events than I would have like this year due to ongoing ill health and some serious bad luck, the thought of cancelling them made me sick to my stomach. But sat with him at my altar on the afternoon he left, Coco's voice was there to tell me that I could go through with them. Those three equinox sessions (23rd-25th September) were among the most powerful I can ever remember giving, becoming monuments to love and filled with some incredible synchronicity and energy from everyone who joined.

Thank you so much to ALL of you who brought your energy, who tuned into mine, especially to those who brought their own images and talismans for the altars, who shared the visions and messages they received from my little spirit guides during the sound, and who gifted me such thoughtful cards and messages.

The biggest thanks goes to the amazing Jacquie O'Neill (@cornwallstudios) who received a powerful visual during the sound bath she experienced and the following week gifted me the illustration above. It's truly one of the most special gifts I have ever been given, and I shall always treasure it.

Buckle Up: It's ECLIPSE SEASON ⚡⚡ (8)
Buckle Up: It's ECLIPSE SEASON ⚡⚡ (9)
Buckle Up: It's ECLIPSE SEASON ⚡⚡ (10)
Buckle Up: It's ECLIPSE SEASON ⚡⚡ (11)
Buckle Up: It's ECLIPSE SEASON ⚡⚡ (12)


Wow I can't believe it's time to share November dates already... it's my birthday month! With both my solar and lunar returns falling in this next few weeks, I'm super excited for these sessions. With so much big astrology to work with these will be some of the most transformational events of the year.

It's my purpose to be here to guide and support you through the chaos and bliss of being a human on this planet, and I hope to see you this Scorpio season!

( Remember, HAYLOFT events are capped at 8people )
Here are the upcoming dates:

Sunday 23rd October - 6pm
Scorpio - Season Opener Sound Ceremony
@ Ananta Studio, NEWQUAY, £30

Tuesday 25th October - 7pm
New Moon Scorpio Eclipse Cosmic Sound Journey
@ Zoom, ONLINE, £20 - replay available

Friday 28thOctober - 7pm
Samhain Tarot Circle
@ Rock & Ritul, NEWQUAY. £15

Saturday 29th October - 2pm-6pm
Samhain x Forest Mini Retreat **2 SPACES**
@ Hayloft Studio, CABILLA CORNWALL, £65

Sunday 6th November - 2pm
The Big Eclipse - Astrology Workshop & Sound Experience
@ Ananta Studio, NEWQUAY, £30

Tues 8th November- 7pm TBC
Scorpio -Astrology & Sound Journey
@ St Leonards on Sea, SUSSEX, £30

Sunday 20th November - 1pm
The Nomad Soul:Sagittarius Sound Journey
@ Hayloft Studio, CABILLA CORNWALL, £30

Tuesday 22nd November - 7pm
The Nomad Soul:Sagittarius Sound Journey
@ She's Lost Control, LONDON E9, £30

Thursday 24th November - 7pm
The Nomad Soul:Sagittarius Sound Journey
@ Now Studio, BRISTOL, £30

Friday 25th November - 7pm
Sound of the Gods - Ancient Egypt Sound & Rituals Workshop
@ Hayloft Studio, CABILLA CORNWALL, £40 (includes extras)

(Video) No More Powers? | 2021 Season 4 | PJ Masks Official

* * * *

Group (sound-based) sessionsoffer you:

* asupported and nurturinggroup sound bathing journey
* individual -on-body tuning forks, singing bowls and energy healing
* insights on current astrological, lunar and shamanic themes
* immersion in gongs, crystal bowls, Himalayan bowls, shamanic instruments, mantraand drumming
* group reiki and channeled messages & light language
* personally selected reiki-infused crystal to take home
* nourishing cacao or tea to guide your sound journey

Private Appointments @ The Hayloft Studio, Cabilla

Due to a lot of events and travelI have quite limited dates left for 1:1 sessions in 2022. If you'd like to spend time together, please do get booked in as my books will be fully closed from Dec 22nd to February 6th.

Get in touch now or click below to book these dates:
Tues 25th Oct (1 space - Newquay)
Weds 26th Oct (1 space - Cabilla)
Tues 1st Nov (2 spaces - Newquay)
Weds 16th Nov (1 space - Cabilla)
Weds 30th Nov (2 spaces - Cabilla)

Available Experiences:
Alchemy Experience (sound, personal astrology, tarot)
Sound Journey /Chakra Rebalancing & Tuning Fork Therapy
Astrology Reading** /Tarot Reading**

**also available online please note that only astro/tarot appointmentsare available in Newquay, all sound appointments are at Cabilla


Buckle Up: It's ECLIPSE SEASON ⚡⚡ (13)

Scorpio Season Stars & Rituals

It's the turn of the witchy, intense, fierce grace of the8th sign to take centre stage and the 2022 iteration of Scorpio is seriously no-holds barred. For some of us, this Scorpio season will be a quantum leap and a revolutionary moment in our year - if not life -and amplifying tools will support us. For some, it's going to be an exercise in survival and reaching for pacifying, soothing rituals to calm the chaos. For all, it's opportunity to get down and dirty and deeply personal with the shadowlands beneath the surface of our existence. Whatever has been lurking in the darkness, shoved to the back of the cupboard, or carefully ignored onthe daily is about to surface.

As we move through the eclipse gateway (Oct 25th + Nov 8th), be mindful of some added spice thanks tothe unpredictable lightning bolts of Uranus sitting opposite the Sun (Nov 9th) - Uranus is all about shots fromthe dark, the unexpected, sudden earthquakes and handbrake turns. This potent mix is backgrounded by Mars in the first moments of his retrograde in Gemini (Oct 30 - Mar 25) - a lengthy transit which is all about reverse reflections on how we communicate our action.

Here are some tips and tools to help you make space for the incoming cycle:


Black tourmaline or Obsidian offer grounding protection in times of trouble and change; and Smoky Quartz can also be useful in drawing intensity down to earth. Labradorite is the ultimate Scorpionic stone, a conduit for deep intuition and astral travel; Malachite is a personal favourite for getting on board with quantum energy and unknown odysseys.

(Video) MagiClip Princess Dress Mix Up with 3 Different Castles


I love rich, muskyoils for Scorpio season, alwayson a woody base to help encourage grounding and strength. Patchouli, sandalwood,oud, amber, leather and tobacco are great incenses if you are really tuning in. If it's all a bit overwhelming, then the cooling andsoothing expressions of water season can help - lavender, eucalyptus, mint and sage are a gentle tonic for the intensity. This is the basis for my Flow Reiki Mist, which I love to use for a calming lighter moment during dark months.


Death is the card associated with Scorpio - always remember there are no bad cards, just messages. The card represents the eternal truth that a deathis also a beginning, that metamorphosis is what happens on the other side of endings, trauma and pain. The cracks arewhere the light gets in.


Black candles and plenty of sacred smoke are ideal for this season. Mugwort - the witches herb - is essential for smudging and clearing space during this time, and everlasting/dried flowers (I loveblack roses) are a beautiful ode the cycles of life and death. Scorpio season is connectedthe womb and sacral area, so working with self-reiki in these areas can be an intimate way to connect with the energy. It's a water season, so be sure to dunk yourself in the ocean, river, bath or luxurious spa tub - if at home, try using activated charcoal in your bath (or my Eclipse soak).


Scorpio is flow and power - it's a wonderful time for a more vinyasa yoga practice that celebrates the fluidity ofform. Ecstatic or five rhythms dance naturally attunes to the hip movements of the season - or any kind of dance will encourage activation of the spine and pelvic area. Womb yoga or tantra practices also flourish under Scorpio energy.


Overtone the mantra OOOin the shower - it activates the sacral area. If you have any chimes or bowls tuned to the note D, break them out now. Naturally, it's always great time for transformative sound bathing, and I do feel that the veil being so much thinner during this season allows for more potent experiences in the supra-conscious space.

Happy Eclipse Season


Buckle Up: It's ECLIPSE SEASON ⚡⚡ (14)

Black Magic for Shadow Work

I'm gifting all subscribers a 15% discount off everything at Rock & Ritual (my retail brand) until the end of October! We're all going to need a few cosmic crutches to get through this eclipse season, and I hope you'll find something you love to embody the Scorpio energy and help you put the rituals above into practice.

** USE CODE SUCHASCORPIO at www.rockandritual.co.uk until 23.59 on 31st October **

Some of my recommendations:

Dark Side Ritual Candle £24
Featuring Labradorite and tourmaline and all the smoky, leathery, oud-based fragrances I mention above. Also available along with a mugwort smudge and raw cacao as part of the Samhain Ritual Kit.

Shadow Reiki Mist £18
A limited edition spin on my bestselling mist collection, this mist is a great smokeless alternativeto white sage, adding a smoky, veil-shredding feel to your sacred spaces and meditations.

Isis Elixir £12
Channelling the intense power embodied by Isis, this blend can be used as natural fragrance or anointing oil land is based on patchouli and sandalwood.

Eclipse Bath Soak £12
A luxurious soak which you can also use as an exfoliating body scrub (so Scorpio to be skin-shedding...!) containing activated charcoal, rich jasmine & lavender essential oils, and dead seasalt.


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